Only a student writing a dissertation can understand the amount of hard work that goes into drafting that thick manuscript. It all begins with generating a novel idea that nobody in that discipline has ever thought of before. It could even be the linking and application of a methodology used in a particular area to a completely different context to generate new interesting results.


Once you develop such a thought or idea, the battle is only half-won. Developing that idea into a research proposal and getting it approved from a committee of professors is the next big task. This is followed by framing of the research methodology and collecting data which may be qualitative, quantitative or mixed in nature. This part of dissertation writing is very time consuming and arduous.


Once this comprehensive data collection is completed, a rigorous analysis using statistics is performed. Statistics is one of the fields which is not easy to master and can give nightmares to many students. A thorough analysis also takes into account the similar or contrasting observations of other studies in the discipline, to produce valid and reproducible results.


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